For A Democratic Council

Our team commits to holding regular residents meetings, remove secrecy from council processes & meaningful
community consultation.
We are committed to oppose discrimination, racism and Islamaphobia, support the Black Lives Matter movement, refugees and asylum seekers and the LGBTIQ community.

Election PlatforM

Covid-19 Cost of Living Pressures

  • No rates or fees raised above inflation. Rate relief for households effected by the Covid crisis.
    Increase the pensioner rebate.
  • No privatisation or outsourcing council services, restore previously outsourced services.
  • Council food bank for those in need.
  • Support affordable studio spaces for Moreland artists and musicians.
  • Council provided and operated Home Care service.
  • Fewer poker machines.
  • Increase youth services & activities in Fawkner & Glenroy

Safe Streets and Healthy Neighbourhoods

  • Improve public transport – duplicate
    Upfield train line, extend bus services with increased hours and extend #19 tram route into Fawkner.
  • Expand network of safe cycling paths.
  • Improve traffic calming for Safe Streets.
  • Address safety issues for pedestrians.
  • Support tough regulation of toxic sites.
  • Control and monitoring of Industrial chemical use in Moreland.
  • Protect and preserve our Urban Habitat.
  • Increase green spaces for parks & protect green space by the creeks.
  • Increase tree canopy on our streets.
  • Protect vulnerable residents in heat waves through supports, monitoring and heat relief centres.

Make Moreland a Climate Emergency Council

  • Rapidly move to zero local carbon emissions.
  • Expand community roof-top solar.
  • End fossil fuel use for heating swimming pools

Improved Amenity for Residents

  • Create Ballerrt Mooroop indigenous Community Hub.
  • Increase funding to improve disability access.
  • Provide more facilities and support for homeless people.
  • Public toilets and shade in parks and playgrounds

Community Need Not Developer Greed

  • Preserve our local Heritage.
  • Mandatory limits on building heights.
  • Planning laws that force developers to build environmentally sustainable design + 20% affordable &
    accessible housing.
  • Oppose fast-track planning process that limit residents’ right to object.
  • Stop zero parking developments.
  • Ensuring a Pentridge museum is created.
  • Increase genuine affordable housing in Moreland