Community Need Not Developers' Greed

Elect Sue Bolton's Team For Moreland Council

Sue Bolton was elected as a representative for the North East Ward in 2012 as the first Socialist to be elected to a seat on Moreland Council.

Sue was re-elected in 2016 after four years of tireless work and activism for the local community on a multitude of local concerns as well as broader state and national issues and their ramifications on Moreland’s residents.

For the 2020 election Sue has gathered a like-minded team of Socialist Alliance and Community Independents who believe, as Sue does, in keeping Moreland a progressive Council, focused on local concerns and continuing to work on benefiting local residents.

The team of Moreland residents and activists are:

  • Sue Bolton and Meghan Street for North-East Ward
  • Pauline Galvin and Jacob Andrewartha for South Ward
  • Monica Harte for North-West Ward

The team has actively helped residents fight for their rights across a variety of issues affecting Moreland, from over-development to racism and Islamophobia, climate action and Improved amenities like playgrounds, bike paths and street calming.

The team has been on the front line at protests, collected petitions and presented them to Council, organised local activist groups to push local issues and kept up the fight.

Being elected doesn’t mean the end of activism, like it does for a lot of so-called activist parties, it means another avenue to keep the pressure on to ensure positive change in Moreland.

In a capitalist world where corporate greed influences decisions and actively blocks social progress, the general public can’t trust politicians or unelected bureaucrats to make the right decisions on their behalf.

It takes Moreland residents uniting as a community and speaking up to make sure their needs are addressed and the community, as a whole, cares for everyone.

Elect Sue Bolton’s Team for Moreland Council in October!


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